Sunday, May 05, 2013


Anyone Pay to View Money Mayweather jab and run, jab and run to win his title bout against Robert "the ghost" Guerrero tonight? 

Was it worth it? 

Thought Not!

Update:  Apologies to Money May.  After seeing the fight twice, I will never listen to haters again when it comes to Champion Floyd Mayweather.  Money out-boxed and out-classed Guerrero in taking a unanimous 12 round decision. 

The champion put on a boxing clinic, not running but getting right up in the ghost's grill, landing a shot, then slipping and sliding with grace.  You saw Money figure out the puzzle and proceed to dismantle the ghost. Money knew what his opponent was going to do before the opponent knew.

I saw Floyd dip, land a punch and side-step all in one breath just as Guerrero was about to throw a punch.

Money's defense and footwork were amazingly sharp.  Guerrero couldn't hurt Money and definitely showed respect for the champ's power. Floyd Mayweather is one of the smartest boxer's in the ring today.  Money with speed, confidence and ring experience showed the boxing world that he is still a champion to be feared. Again, my apologies money for talking before seeing.

The Ghost admitted that Money was a little better than he thought. He simply didn't have a ghost of a chance of beating Money; not on this night.

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