Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Golden State Warriors Bring Down Thunder

Just when I think the Golden State Warriors have turned back into their dusty, soot faced, cinderfella servant selves, the squad sparkles with wins over the NBA's noblest.

Coming off another home win over the L.A. Clippers, the Warriors played tenacious defense in their matchup against the cream of the league in Oklahoma City.  Kevin Durant and the Thunder didn't seem to know what hit them when this upstart bunch of ballers took aim and never backed down.
The Warriors are making us bay area basketball fans proud with their All-Star worthy players coming through in big games. Maybe the Niners are onto something; Nobody's Got it Better Than Us right now.

Our Golden State Warriors have their eyes set on crashing the NBA postseason party come spring.   With performances like tonight's and monday's, they should have no problem earning a place at the playoff table fit for basketball kings.  Look out Lebron, the Warriors are coming out to Play!

Thunder 99
Warriors 104

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