Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Difference Between Heaven and Hell

I found this paragraph written in one of my old books collected when I was in search of spiritual enlightenment. Its been years since I peeked its pages for healthy spiritual knowledge. This morning I rediscovered why I, and I'm sure many other readers, keep books we hold dear to our hearts on dusty shelves, awaiting our return to their pages. In revisiting a place we once frequented, such as a cafe, a town or a book, we find new meanings and receive different understandings of the place. It is us who have changed, hopefully evolved, and not the place.

Here is the paragraph that I revisited with this morning after first reading its wisdom some fifteen years ago or so:

The word heaven means harmony. The word hell is from the old English hell, meaning to build a wall around, to separate; to be helled was to be shut off from. Now if there is such a thing as harmony there must be that something one can be in right relations with; for to be in right relations with anything is to be in harmony with it. Again, if there is such a thing as being helled, shut off, separated from, there must be that something from which one is held, shut off, or separated.

In Tune With The Infinite
by Ralph Waldo Trine

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