Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raiders Offensively Bad In Loss

The Oakland Raiders offense showed no signs of attack against the Denver Broncos today. Interceptions and turnovers were just a small part of what was an ugly overall performance. Many of us fans are blaming QB Jamarcus Russell. I won't put the entire blame on Jamarcus, but I'm willing to bet my season tickets that if released QB Jeff Garcia were at the helm today, he'd have found a way to make the offense competitive.

With the fans raining boos down on the offense and Jamarcus, I feel its definitely time for some type of change. If not now when? Why not start at the head with changing the Quarterback? Show us fans and the rest of the offense that the problem is not at the quarterback position. The coaches are on the verge of losing the team for another season, they may have lost a good percentage of the fans today.

I'm still hanging with my Raiders. Who else I got? But I'm seriously having to make a decision on whether I have faith in the current coaching leadership. We Need Winners!

Russell's lethargic stats in today's loss:

12 of 21 for 61 yds 2 interceptions

Final Score

Raiders 3
Broncos 23

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