Friday, September 26, 2008

A Stain On The Accomplishments of "Women In Politics"

Does living in and governing Alaska qualify a governor for Foreign Policy experience? Sarah Palin believes so.

"Palin Talks Russia With Katie Couric"


Posted by bbduc60_yea at 11:18 PM : Sep 26, 2008
Hey Sarah,

Just because I live next to a hospital doesn''t make me an expert on open-heart surgery.

Give me a break with this broad. At least McCain picked someone like him: an idiot and amateur orator.

I watched the Sarah Palin Interview with CBS News Anchor Katie Couric. Ms. Palin embarassed herself, the American Government (not just Republicans), and most of all Women in politics. The scary part is that she doesn't see that she's doing anything wrong or hurtful.

This comment sums up most feelings about the interview:

Posted by tigerrram9 at 07:41 PM : Sep 26, 2008

I actually started to cry while watching this. I don''t cry easy either. I''m not going to
say I would do much better while being interview by Katie Couric, but I''m not on one
of the tickets for the White House, expecting all of my fellow Americans to vote for me.

What has happened to our country? Who is this person? Is she so delusional that she believes she knows what is best for all of us? Not only us, but what is best for the rest
of the world? Do we think the rest of the world will watch this and line up to back us on our future foreign policies?

We used to have great men and women run for presidency. We would hold them to such high esteem, that if they were anything outside of almost super human we wouldn''t
allow them access to most powerful seat in the world. We expected them to at least
gain if not the support, of the other patisans, the respect. WHO respects this bumbling idiot????? Not once did she actually answer a question with intelligence, insight or conviction. She just spun the talking points over and over like a republican parrot. My God!!!!

I do not hate this woman. But, I am sad. Extremely sad that this may be the first woman to be in such an influential position in the world. We women have worked and fought so hard to get here, Why, Why, Why are we sending such a feeble example in our stead.

God be with us all.

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