Sunday, April 06, 2008

Good Luck Chris Carr

Chris Carr, the Oakland Raiders punt and kick-off returner since 2005, has been signed by the Tennessee Titans. Carr was and always will be a Raider at heart. He gives the game his all and has made the most of his playing opportunity.

I don't understand why the Raiders didn't re-sign Carr. Is 2 million dollars too much for a proven return man? He has been one of the few positives in these four win seasons of late. It would've been nice to have given JaMarcus Russell decent field position come this season. There must be a plan to replace Carr with someone better, though who that might be is a mystery to me. We can't risk injury to any of the highly paid speedsters. I suppose Johnnie Lee Higgins might be the guy, if he can hold on to the ball. That's the one thing Carr did regularly, hold on to the ball.

I wish Chris Carr the most of success with his new Titans team. And mark my words, Carr will help make the Titans a better team and a playoff contender.

My greatest memory of a Chis Carr play was when he intercepted that Ben Rothlisberger pass around the Pittsburgh goal line and returned it 100 yards for a Raiders touchdown. We beat the defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers that day in our house. It was a game to savor.

Good Luck Chris Carr, and thanks for the Silver and Black Memories!

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