Sunday, February 07, 2016

Von Miller Leads Broncos To Victory


Von Miller causes two Cam Newton fumbles that lead to Broncos touchdowns. After the first fumble Cam and the Panthers offense would have one good drive the entire game ending in their only touchdown.

But back to that first Von Miller strip sack, it was HUGE!  It put the Broncos up 10-0 and sent a message to players, coaches and fans that the #1 Defense has taken over the game.

The Panthers could do little against the #1 Defense. A few big plays you can count on one hand and some Cam first down runs all seemed to occur on that one touchdown drive at the end of the first/ beginning of the second quarter.

Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense didn't fare much better against the Carolina defense.  Manning was sacked 5 times for 37 yards. He also fumbled twice, losing one, and threw an interception.  The difference was that Carolina only capitalized on one turnover with a field goal whereas the Broncos turned their recoveries into two touchdowns.

Panthers coaching staff had no backup plan to handle the Broncos pass rush. Cam was missing short passes and receivers were dropping some.  Their running game was bottled up most of the night and Cam seemed unwilling or unable to run after doing it successfully on the one touchdown drive.  

If ever a team got into the head of its opponent this Broncos team is that team. We watching the game might question why the Panthers didn't do this or that, but for the Panthers players out there going up against Von Miller and that punishing defense no explanation other than 'we got beat' will suffice.  

Sure Peyton Manning got another Super Bowl ring, likely his last game, but this championship belongs to the Denver Defense with SB50 MVP Von Miller leading the way. 

For us who love hard hitting and relentless pursuit in football, this game was one heck of a show. For those who wanted to see anything else, I hope the half-time show was as good for you as it was for me. Beyonce' in fishnets and stylish boot-pumps does it every time.

So let this football game be a lesson to all fantasy fans once again, Defense Wins Championships. Well, make that defense and a sexy half-time treat, u-go-gurl!

Final Score

Panthers 10
Broncos 24

Broncos Have A Shot

We've seen it before in Super Bowls, high powered offenses matched against number one defenses. More times than not, the number one defense wins the game.  We Raiders fans know all to well how shocking and painful it is to watch a high powered offense get annihilated in a Super Bowl.  

Super Bowl Fifty has the hot Carolina Panthers offense going up against a number one defense in the Denver Broncos.  I'd say a good 90% of people think Carolina will win the game.  As of this morning they're favored by 5.5 points.  

But us who have been around football for awhile know better than to rule out a good defense.  The Broncos can win this thing and give QB Peyton Manning a beautiful parting retirement gift.  But they'll have to find a way to stop the hottest offense in football who's only lost one game all season.

I'd like to see Cam Newton put on a good show and win a super bowl.  But I also like rooting for an underdog, and coming into this game the Broncos are the underdog.  

The Panthers will win this game if they don't beat themselves with penalties and turnovers or an Injury to Cam.  Who's Cam's backup anyways, Jake Delhomme?

The Broncos, fighting for one of the best field generals in Peyton, can win this game with ball control (running game/first downs) and getting to Cam like they got to Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game. I also believe that the coaching favors the more experienced Broncos' Gary Kubiak.

I want to sit back and watch a good competitive game of football.  If I had to pick a final score I'd go Broncos 20 Panthers 16.  Again, that Defense Wins Championship motto is no cliche. Don't believe it just look at last year's Patriots snatching victory from the jaws of the Seattle Seahawks with an end zone interception to end the game.

It's Super Bowl Sunday right here in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area, time to grind.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Courage is life's only measure

A quote attributed to Danish philosopher Kierkegaard in the 2010 Swedish movie "Pure."

I thought the quote brilliant, but the movie itself, slow with limited dialogue, held my interest just enough to make it to the end. The young actress playing the lead, Alicia Vikander, did a knockout job portraying a 20 year old girl facing the challenges of life choices and relationships. The classical music, with Mozart's Requiem as its theme, might've out-starred all actors. As foreign independent films go, its success was its simplicity and realness. 

Since I'm talking movies of late let me list two other films viewed recently that I thought deserve praise.

The Physician.  Epic historical period drama that takes viewers back to 11th century medical practices and religious differences between the east and west. Mostly superb acting, but as always a young love story that wreaked of Hollywood looked pretentious. All in all its realistic plot and descriptive scenes convince you of what it might have been like as a doctor (barber) or patient in the middle ages.  Had everything but the smell of those plagued times.  Loved it!

Crossroad.  A faith based thriller that convinces viewers of God being everywhere and in everything. As the coincidences and confessions mount, you realize just how connected strangers in a Diner can be with God battling evil in their midst.  Definitely not your average Christian movie.  I liked it very much and hope to watch it again.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Golden State Blows Up San Antonio Spurs

Damn Those Golden State Warriors are Good!

Final Score
Warriors 120
Spurs 90

Stephen Curry led scorers with 37 points as all but one player on the roster scored. And he only played three quarters. The Spurs, without 39 year old Tim Duncan, looked confused and over-matched, turning the ball over throughout the night. They simply had no answer for the Champions.  

As for those Golden State Warriors, they showed up and manhandled what many considered the best team in the league. What's the saying, if you wanna be the best you have to beat the best?

It was a game that would determine just how good the Warriors really are and every basketball fan alive was tuned in to see this one. 

Well, if they didn't know, now they know.  Sure its only one regular season game, but the way the Warriors dominated leaves the burden on the San Antonio Spurs shoulders to prove they can hang with the World Champions.  I believe they meet again in April.  

And If I hear any basketball analyst question the Championship caliber of the Warriors after seeing them annihilate a good Spurs team tonight, I'm calling him out. And that includes Mr. Charles Barkley.  It's a wrap. The only team that can stop the Warriors are the Warriors.

Can You Dig IT!

The best quote I heard was on Tom Tolbert's after-game show that said teams are having to guard Steph Curry at the half-court Logo. That's how much of a threat he is.  Steph has changed the way NBA basketball is coached and played.  He's revolutionized the game. Can You Dig That!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Super Bowl Party Is On!

Defense Stuffs Patriots, Cam Picking Apart Cardinals

Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton throws Patriots QB Tom Brady to the ground for a sack in the third quarter Sunday. (John Leyba, The Denver Post)

The AFC Championship game was a defensive battle from start to finish.  The Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning did just enough to end the New England Patriots hopes of returning to the Super Bowl.

Who knew that a Patriots missed extra point kick in the first quarter would play a huge part in the final minutes of the game.  

Trailing in the fourth quarter the Patriots scored on a 4 yard pass from Brady to Gronkowski with 12 seconds left in regulation. Down 20-18, in part because of the missed extra point, the Patriots had to go for two points. The Broncos defense, with five sacks and one interception on the day, got another interception in the end zone and all but sealed the fate of the Patriots.
Sometime during the game (actually twice in the fourth quarter) Patriots coach Bill Belichick decided to go for it, unsuccessfully, on 4th down instead of kicking the field goal. The field goals that wasn't could've changed the strategy and chances for the Patriots down the stretch, but hindsight is a painful viewing point from the seat of the losing team. 

It'll be the Denver Broncos with 39 year old Peyton Manning trying to cap his great career with a championship.

As I finish writing that last line the Carolina Panthers quarterback just completed a long precision pass to former 49er receiver Ted Ginn, again.  Both Panthers players are having a helluva first half as Carolina leads the game 27-7.  

Carolina defense has all but shutdown Carson Palmer and the Cardinals offense.  I'd say this game is over, unless Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald can find a way to play defense effectively, because Cam Newton is performing like........Superman!

Wow, Cam just ran past and through Arizona defenders for a first down and now a diving touchdown.  And wouldn't you know it, the Carolina stadium is playing the theme song to "Superman the Movie."

34-7 Panthers with 2:08 left in the 3rd quarter.
(Final Score Panthers 49 Cardinals 15)

Panthers vs Broncos Super Bowl here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WarriorTrotting Through Cleveland

The Harlem Globetrotters are in town performing at Oracle Arena in Oakland. But they just might have a hard time impressing Bay Area fans with their gravity-defying basketball skills. Why?  Because Oracle (RoaR-acle) is the lair of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, best basketball team on the planet. 

Last night the Warriors air show returned to Cleveland, home of the best basketball player on the planet.  By the end of the first quarter they led by 13 points. By half-time the lead was 26 points.  By the end of the night they'd dazzled the Cleveland crowd with their championship caliber play, silencing any who doubted their win over Cleveland in last year's finals. No excuses from the Cavaliers this time as they came into the game at full strength with a healthy squad.

The best player on the planet had a pedestrian 16 point night and no highlights to think of.  Meanwhile, the best team on the planet was simply on fire after losing their previous game to the upstart Detroit Pistons. As usual, the team was led by the Human Torch, Steph Curry, who was launching shots from what looked like Meadowlark Lemon distance, may his soul rest in peace.

Where the heck was Charles Barkley last night? Oh, here he is:
TNT studio analyst Charles Barkley said: "I don't think the Cavs realized that Golden State wanted to send a message. Golden State is letting them know: If we see you in the Finals, this is what you can expect.''

Last year's finals MVP, Andre Iguodala, this time around scorched the Cavaliers for 20 points off the bench and did it in globetrotting fashion; flying through the air with the greatest of ease. Even the Brazilian Blur, Leandro Barbosa, had a few Harlem Globetrotter moments showing off his speed and ball handling skills.

It was a night best summed up by Steph stating in his after-game interview that the win was a good message to themselves of what they're capable of. "Scary" is the message to the rest of the league; scary to think what the Warriors are capable of, on the road, against the best, after a loss.     SCARY!

Final Score
Warriors 132
Cavaliers 98

Saturday, January 16, 2016

NFL Divisional Playoffs Weekend

So either Alex Smith manages the game well or Tom Brady takes over the game. It's the Patriots and Chiefs in a divisional playoff game.  The Patriots will need all that Tom Terrific magic against a very good Chiefs team. The Chiefs are the hottest team entering the playoffs.

Should be a good game, but there's one Pats player who can make Andy Reid and his team sorry they ever saw the dawn's early light. That be wide receiver Julian Edelman. If the Chiefs defense don't spy and short circuit the little dynamo in the #11 Jersey, expect the Patriots to sizzle and shine on their way to another AFC championship showdown.

It's the Patriots and the Chiefs kicking off this afternoon's second round of the NFL playoffs. I personally want the Patriots to lose just so I can get a good look at that grim, ghostly losing reaction on the mug of the ever inspirational coach Bill Belichick. He's one of a kind, Patriots coach Belichick is.